Relational Database Performance Monitoring for Multiple Platforms

Precise for Databases

Monitor, diagnose, and optimize relational database performance for multiple platforms from a single user interface

Organizations depend on the reliability and speed of databases to support mission-critical applications. Precise for Databases provides database administrators with low-impact monitoring and intuitive drill-down on database and transaction performance for Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle Database, IBM Db2, and SAP Sybase ASE.

  • Track the performance of database transactions
  • Proactively find and fix transaction performance problems
  • Ensure database and application availability for end-users
Precise for Databases is friendly, simple to use, ergonomic, and relevant. It is a good analytical tool.

IT Architect,
Automotive & Transport, France (SQL Server, Oracle Database, Db2)

77% of surveyed organizations sped up the time for root cause identification since using Precise for Databases.

Based on a survey of 57 users of Precise for Databases.


Precise for Databases ensures that databases perform at peak efficiency. It captures, measures, and correlates performance metrics from all critical components of the system. It then detects and corrects the root cause of database and transaction performance problems before they become noticeable for databases and their related applications.


Support multiple database platforms

Monitor Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle Database, IBM Db2, and SAP Sybase ASE. For each of these database platforms, the interface of Precise looks and behaves the same to minimize the learning curve.

Sample continuously and frequently with low overhead

Precise for Databases samples the monitored databases once per second or more frequently, has low overhead (typically 1%), is non-intrusive, provides access via a web-based console, and is safe for production environments.


View findings

See where the majority of the time is spent within the database. View top consuming SQL transactions as well as top consuming database objects. Drill down into the top findings to efficiently analyze and diagnose performance issues and to view expert recommendations.

Tune objects

Tune database objects when it is not possible to change the text of the SQL statements that access the objects by examining how well the active objects perform.


Contribute to DevOps

Extend to Precise for Applications to watch the end-to-end technology stack of common applications (such as web, Microsoft .NET and Java). Focus on tracking SQL deep into databases.

  • Support multiple database platforms

Monitor Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle Database, IBM Db2, and SAP Sybase ASE from a single tool.

  • Collect transactions continuously
    Track transactions non-stop to avoid missing performance problems and trends.
  • Sample data frequently
    Get a real-time view of the database environment with a high granularity as fast as 1 second or more frequently.
  • Correlate to application context
    Correlate transactions with users, databases, devices, files, and accessed objects for proper context.
  • Find root cause of performance issues
    From the overview dashboard, dive deep into the details of the transactions to isolate problems quickly.
  • View full infrastructure path
    Combine the application context and performance details to track queries through the infrastructure.
  • Resolve locks and latches
    Identify real-time and historical locks and latches and view the entire blocking chain for a fast resolution.
  • View execution plans
    Display actual execution plans to improve SQL queries based on their cost and complexity effectively.
  • Get tuning recommendations
    View expert tuning advice that is proactive and actionable to improve statements, objects, and indexes.
  • Simulate what-if scenarios
    Perform what-if analysis to predict the potential impact of proposed changes on other SQL queries.
  • Tune performance smartly
    The SmarTune process detects performance deterioration by regularly analyzing performance data.
  • Use a single, merged, web-based console
    Access the dashboard in the web-based console from any web browser for easy deployment.
  • Manage instances via federation
    Monitor the entire database environment remotely from a single, dedicated framework machine.
  • Expose monitored databases to low impact
    Precise is agentless and installs nothing (such as services and objects) on production systems.

  • Deploy a simple architecture
    Reduce the footprint, simplify installations and upgrades, and eliminate the risk for production systems.

  • Install on cloud virtual machines
    Install and run Precise for Databases on cloud virtual machines such as Amazon EC2 and Azure VM.
  • Monitor SQL Server on cloud virtual machines
    Connect to databases running on cloud virtual machines such as Amazon EC2 and Azure VM.
  • Manage hybrid environments with a single tool
    Save time by using the same tool on-premises and in the cloud to minimize the learning curve.

  • Connect to managed cloud databases
    Extend the cloud capabilities by monitoring the database-as-a-service Amazon RDS for SQL Server and Microsoft Azure SQL Database.

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