IDERA Product Support

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When you become an IDERA customer, our goal is to keep it that way. That’s why we provide world-class, worldwide customer support. Check out all of the support options below!

Support for IDERA Product Trials

How to get support for your product trials:

Refer to the getting started guides to jumpstart your product trial.

Browse the product documentation to explore the product during your trial.

Attend a live product demonstration with IDERA’s team of engineers during your product trial.

Visit IDERA’s Resource Center to learn more about IDERA’s products during your product trial.

Send an email to IDERA’s team of engineers if you have technical questions about any of IDERA’s products during your product trial.

SQL Server products

ER/Studio and DB PowerStudio products

Uptime Infrastructure Monitor

Contact IDERA’s Sales team for any questions during your product trial.


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Geek Sync
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Live Demos
Live Demos